popcorntime (Copia)

CLICCA QUI PER LA VERSIONE ITALIANA – Popcorn Time is revolutionizing the movie streaming, thanks to the torrent protocol support. The development of that app is a true nightmare for the Hollywood industry and we reached the spokesman of the dev team in order to interview them.

If you believe Popcorn Time is already at his best, read our interview to find out what is coming in the future of Popcorn Time.

Hi guys, it’s a pleasure for us to have that interview with you.

Thank you for your interest.

What are the origins of Popcorn Time?

Popcorn Time was created by a team of argentinian developers and was released back in march 2014.

What prompted you to resume the development of Popcorn-Time?

When the creators of Popcorn Time decided to stop developing it (see http://www.getpopcornti.me ), we couldn’t let this project die. That’s why we decided to step up and continue the work that had been started.

How much devs are actually working on the project?

There are around 20 regular contributors working on the project.

Everyone can join the development?

Everyone is welcome to participate!

How you organize the development? Is there a leader?

There’s indeed a developer who’s supervising the development, but it’s really a collaborative process. We are still improving our structure in order to have everyone on the same page.

Are you afraid of the legal problems derived from copyright infringement?

We are taking the legality of this project really seriously. Popcorn Time is basically a torrent client able to stream any video and fetching information about the video automatically. So we are not afraid of the legal aspect of it.

Torrent cannot be stopped and so is open source. Then, is Popcorn Time really unstoppable?

As long as the torrent protocol will work, so will Popcorn Time.

What is Time4Popcorn and why people should not use it?

Time4Popcorn is a Popcorn Time parallel project made by another team. In the past they used code and images without crediting our project: the most blatant one being the series implementation. Nowadays, it seems they are developing another streaming software moving away from from the Popcorn Time code. We reached to them in order to sort out the situation, but after a first exchange, they never replied again. We recommand using our own version as we feel we’re more open but everyone can make their own choice, of course.

What’s in the future of Popcorn-Time? What new features are you working on?

We are making Popcorn Time modular and hackable. Popcorn Time will be kept as a core and everyone will be able to build plugin for it. You’ll be able to add new sources, add features and even make new themes.  Meanwhile, we’re going to keep improving it. Follow us on FacebookTwitterGoogle+ or our blog to get notified! At the same time, we are working on an Android app, and an alpha is going to be released really soon.

Will Popcorn Time support localized torrents, soon or later?

As a plugin, it is definitely a possibility.

We know of an upcoming Android version for Popcorn-Time, will it arrive on other platform like Windows Phone or iOS?

We are focused on Android right now, but it’s definitely a possibility.

Also, is Windows RT in your plan? A Modern App of Popcorn Time will make a lot of users happy.

It’s not planned right now.

At the moment you’re doing all this for free and no ads are showed in Popcorn Time. Have you plans to monetize?

We are committed to the open source model. We are not currently planning to monetize Popcorn Time. We are making it for the community, and if we monetize it in the future, it would only be to cover the cost.

Article by Windows Blog Italia