L’originale Windows 10 Mobile giapponese con supporto a Continuum, che vi abbiamo mostrato al Mobile World Congress 2016, è finalmente in vendita in tutto il mondo grazie ad un progetto Kickstarter.

NuAns Neo è acquistabile anche dall’Italia a partire da 270 $, ai quali vanno sommati 35 $ di spedizione, per un totale di circa 270 €.

Los Angeles, California, June 29, 2016

For years, Microsoft Windows has found itself playing catch-up to the Android and Apple OS. However, with the launch of the Windows 10 Mobile OS, superior smartphone software and experience emerged. Microsoft was able to create a singular platform that will connect all windows devices together. With the addition of Windows Continuum, NEO users will be able to instantly connect to any TV or monitor and project their desktop; making the NEO a portable computer in your hand. With the ability to sync your desktop directly to your NEO device, users will be able to edit any existing documents saved to the cloud.

Besides adopting the Windows 10 Mobile platform allowing NEO users to seamlessly sync their desktop to their smartphone device, NuAns NEO comes equipped with the latest Qualcomm octa-core processor: SnapDragon 617. This superior processing chip allows NEO users to stream high-definition movies, work on documents, and enjoy stunning download speeds all with battery life to spare.

If that is not impressive, in anticipation of the universal change in ports that will be used to charge most tablet and smartphone devices, the NuAns NEO has adopted the USB Type-C ports into every NEO device. In order to simplify the cable, the NEO will allow you to plug into the port without restrictions on the direction of the plug-in. You will immediately feel the efficiency and satisfaction of the cable at first use.

To add to the stunning technology that comes standard with the NuAns NEO, the outer shell will surely impress any NEO users. The TWOTONE cover offers 64 interchangeable patterns allowing every user to express their very own unique style; without adding a bulky case to the outside of their device. Want to protect the screen? NEO comes with 8 unique FLIP style cases; each equipped to hold up to 3 cards and protects the screen from damage.

The NuAns NEO will be available to select countries outside of Japan via our Kickstarter campaign which will launch Friday, July 1, 2016. Be sure to check out the great rewards and discounts available prior to the NEO hitting wireless retail locations around the world.

Nel video in alto potete vedere il nostro hands-on in italiano. Trovate il link per l’acquisto in fondo all’articolo.

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