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Fitbit per Windows e Windows Mobile si aggiorna alla versione 2.22.1103.0.

  • Aggiunto supporto alle notifiche di messaggi e chiamate nella beta pubblica.
  • Gli utenti che hanno aggiornato a Feature 2 potranno partecipare alla beta dell’app anche senza essersi iscritti.
  • Risoluzione di bug e miglioramenti vari.

Update time!

What happened yesterday?
For those who are following the Windows Insider program (I hope all of you!), there was a bit of an incident. The build that we had been anticipating Microsoft would release did not end up going live, but unfortunately a development branch was instead pushed to Insider phones.

Next Fitbit Production Release with Open Beta
The next version of the production Fitbit app is ready to go, and I have now submitted it to the Store. It should be available later today, and yes, this build includes the open beta.
The version number is 2.22.1103.0.

Open Beta
The open beta will perform the same as it currently does for insiders, however, the performance will vary highly based on the version of Windows 10 that you are running.

Creators Update Public = Not very well.
Creators Update Current Slow/Fast = Same performance as current Closed Beta.
Creators Update Upcoming Fast w/ Fixes = Generally good performance for most trackers except Blaze & Surge
Creators Update Future Fast w/ QC Chipset Workaround = Generally good performance for all devices. Basically final.
Only options 1 and 2 are currently available. 3 was expected this week and will likely come next week. 4 is a few weeks out at this time.

Once the production build of the app is available, I will be working to shut down the closed beta and ensure that people who are in the test group get migrated to the latest production app version.
I’ll have another update available later today on the status of this!

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